We are pleased to list our foundation and club sponsors, without whose help we could not make this operation possible.

This list has been updated through the date shown at the bottom of the page. If your contribution is not here please email us so we can update this page. AND, THANK YOU!

As you can see, this is a HUGE undertaking, and much care has been exercised in the planning for a successful DXpedition. 13 people will contribute over a month of their time and have written a large personal check to make this happen. Please consider a generous contribution to this project. A contribution of $750.00 or more will get your Club logo on our QSL card; $250 will get the club name on the card..


$25,000 and Higher

Northern California DX Foundation

$6,000 and Higher

The Colvin Award

$2,000 and Higher


German DX Foundation

Top Band DX Club

International DX Convention

$1,000 and Higher

Twin Cities DX Assn

Southwest Ohio DX Assn

Southeastern DX Club

Chiltern DX Club

Clipperton DX Club

Lone Star DX Association

Tokyo 610 DX Group

Radio Society of Great Britain

$750 and Higher

Magnolia DX Association

Swiss DX Foundation

$500 and Higher

Danish DX Group GM DX Group European DX Foundation
St. Maartin DXPedtion LA DX Group So. Cal DX Club
$250 and Higher

Southeastern DX and Contesting Organization Passau DX Club Mississippi Valley DX/Contest Club
Northern Ohio DX Assn Western Washington DX Club Northern Illinois DX Assn
El Grupo DXXE Oceania DX Group Shizuoka DX Radio Assn
Willamette  Valley DX Club
Kankakee Area Radio Society
$100 and Higher

Long Island DX Assn Northern Alabama DX Club Italian DX Group
Delta  DX Assn Blackstone Valley ARC Greater Milwaukee  DX Assn
Eastern Washington DX Club Mile High DX Assn Northeast Wisconsin DX Assn


Western NY DX Assn Eastern Iowa DX Assn Metro DX Club

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